How are things at work?

Bored at work?

No promotion?

Stressed out?

Living just for the weekends?

Ready for a completely new career or setting up on your own?


I can help!

Hi, I’m Graham Martin from Careers Consulting.

I work with people just like you. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of managers and directors through my one to one Careers Consulting.

People who want more fulfilled, balanced lives either within their existing organisations or through finding the job of their dreams.

Some of my clients forge completely new careers or even start their own new venture.

Interviewing more than 10,000 people face to face since 1988 I am one of the UK’s most experienced recruiters.

Over the decades, I have identified a common problem. Lots of people like you work hard, they work hard to be a success and deserve to be happier, but sadly they’re not. And it gets them down. Do you want more from life but feel as if you’re stuck in a rut?


Careers Consulting is the solution

I help lawyers, accountants, sales managers, marketing directors, IT specialists and entrepreneurs to make important career decisions. One of my clients, based in Paris landed her dream job at The Hadron Collider, Cern.

I have crammed all of my skills and experience into my Careers Consulting programme, designed to fit your busy schedule.

Sessions usually take place outside of office hours

Each Careers Consulting programme is bespoke to you if you're looking to:-

  • Develop your career further in your current place of employment.
  • Move from one company to another.
  • Change your career completely.
  • Start your own business.



“Graham is a motivated, positive and succinct coach. Graham looks beyond the obvious and delves into who you are, what makes you happy and drives you; all of these are important when seeking a successful, balanced and rewarding professional life.

Graham always finishes a session with clear and well written notes, home work and goals. Graham is very inspiring and he works hard at ‘his craft’, I like the fact that he could point me to books and ideas that I had not come across. The fees he charges are very fair as he certainly puts the effort in whilst having the skill to deliver. I would recommend Graham Martin, not only professionally but also from a personal perspective. There’s no doubt that he goes the ‘extra mile’.”

James MD-Construction Sector