"If you always do what you're always done, you'll always get what you always got" - Henry Ford

Were truer words ever spoken? We all know it, yet we continue doing the same things that we're comfortable with because we don't step out of our comfort zone. Well, maybe we need a nudge by the right person, and Graham Martin (#CareersAccelerator) maybe the right person if you're stuck in a rut during your job search or career change.

I've just spent the week with over 30 fellow "job/career change enthusiasts" on Grahams 5-Day Career Challenge, and what a week it was! If you think it's just going to be a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all exercise on CV's and LinkedIn then think again. Job hunting is not easy and it can knock the confidence of the most hardy, so Graham starts the week by making us recollect our achievements both in and out of the workplace, those achievements and skills that we don't consider relevant to our jobs but yet make us the unique people that we are. Feeling a little more positive, now think about the most basic of questions as to your work purpose, I'll let Graham ask you the question (he's got it emblazoned across a coffee mug 😉

So much more to say, excellent energy, supportive peers, patience and understanding mixed with Graham's hardened recruitment know-how of over 32 years experience. Yes, he'll speak some hard truths but then again, "Faint heart never won fair lady" never mind winning that amazing new role in Project Management, Accounting or Finance. The cherry on top? Graham's advice on the hidden job market, it truly will make you re-think whether you're always doing what you've always done (you know the rest)...
Andrew Blake