I have been on Graham Martin 5 Day Careers Challenge March 22nd to 26th 2021 Coaching programme.

As shown below I would recommend Graham and his programme to anyone that wants to take control of their career journey and to share experience with a great bunch of participants, friends.

It has been beneficial and valuable for me professionally and personally to interact, learn, engage, share my experience, updates, questions with Graham and also the rest of the group members that attended from all walks of life and experiences which enriched the programme.

Sessions were 6am, 3pm and 730pm so for me early starts and being engaged and fully participating as it was a free session provided on useful tips to take you onwards.

Graham was able to cover the tasks and more items very well with excellent knowledge and I was able to enhance my knowledge and see new things which I am thankful for to Graham and the group.

Graham was direct, honest and say it as it was truthfully as it is about getting to the Goal / Vision we want and this was welcome instead of sugar coating words or comments.
I was able to voice my questions and even challenge a few items that I was not comfortable with and this created a healthy debate and learnings.

There was a good fun energy to the group which Graham and rest of participants brought and this helped bring humour and excitement, trust to the group and discussions.
Brad Mistry