22 February 2021 - I have only known Graham for a couple of weeks but his help has been invaluable, especially his insights into how to have better presence on LinkedIn. I have learnt things that I wasn’t even aware of before, about creating an AI friendly profile but also the need to be proactive on the platform. Thank you Graham.

27 March 2021 - I have just completed Graham’s 5 Day Challenge and have been astonished at Graham’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Challenge and the group of people who participated. It was a great experience to engage with Graham, with his immense wealth of knowledge, and interact with the other members of the group. Using the format of Zoom allowed me to not only have my worked reviewed by Graham, but also to see other people’s work being reviewed, making the process very open and informative to all concerned. I definitely would recommend the challenge to anyone in the process of looking for a new job opportunity. Thank you again Graham.
Yvette Boon