I’m an FCCA accountant. 4 years ago I took a job as a finance and resources director as I wanted a wider role. The organisation I worked for changed the structure and moved to me into a full time finance role. I took the role because at the time I was studying a business management qualification but recognised it was not where I really wanted to be.

More recently, in this new job I had made so many improvements I could see that they could restructure and replace my role with a cheaper, less experienced person as all the processes were now in place. In anticipation of this happening, I had seen Graham in his weekly Facebook Careers Club and knew about his career challenge weeks. I needed to seriously think about my next steps.

I listened to some of Graham's talks and recognised I had lost my way at work and was not sure which direction to go, my confidence had taken a bashing and I was working way below my capabilities. The next thing that happened was I was offered redundancy or the opportunity to take a lesser role and less money - so I decided to engage Graham to help me get the focus I needed to secure a new role.

Ultimately I felt taking the new role at my current employer would kill my soul - it was not what I wanted to do, Then there was a substantial pay cut and I knew that would hurt too much as I had no interest in the role on offer. Add to this I am a single parent with an elderly relative diagnosed with cancer. I could not find any capacity to think of me or consider me with all the other demands. I realised that I needed support .

Graham took me through a process that meant that I had the space to work out what I really wanted to do next. When I say space the expression tongue in cheek comes to mind! With all that was going on, I did not have much space but Graham pushed me and made me recognise if I did not make the space - the change I wanted was not going to happen. We found space, this was at 7am in the morning whilst I was camping with my kids or before working, 10pm at night after I had fed the kids and they were in bed - I was given tasks to deliver and many days I was coping on 5 hours sleep. It was hard at times and he was tough and firm but without the push, I know I would not have had the results.

He always praised my efforts and I wanted to succeed and deliver. This process is hard, make no mistake but if you are willing to put the investment into yourself, Graham's work will help achieve your goals.

Vitally Graham helped me submit highly detailed job applications, often meeting me online very early before work, during evenings and over weekends to meet pressing deadlines.

Graham is almost obsessive in his approach towards interview preparation and roles plays. It works.

I have now successfully been employed on a 6 month interim basis as a Director of Finance and Corporate Services securing more money than my last role.

I intend to continue to work with Graham as I need to keep the momentum up.
Mo McCooke