Psychometric Profiling Careers Consulting
Graham is a motivated, positive and succinct coach. Whilst he's clearly a master of his profession (his psychometric profiling and character insight is frighteningly accurate) he understands the intersection between home, work and your personal life. Graham looks beyond the obvious and delves into who you are, what makes you happy and drives you; all of these are important when seeking a successful, balanced and rewarding professional life.

Basically, it's a triangle and each side needs to be equal, not asymmetrical. Graham always finishes a session with clear and well written notes, home work and goals. Graham is very inspiring and he works hard at ‘his craft’, I like the fact that he could point me to books and ideas that I had not come across. He's very straight forward, trustworthy and makes you feel at ease. The fees he charges are very fair as he certainly puts the effort in whilst having the skill to deliver. I would recommend Graham Martin, not only professionally but also from a personal perspective. There’s no doubt that he goes the ‘extra mile’.
James MD - Construction Sector